Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Help plan a 24-hour New Year's Eve Party that goes around the world!

Can we create a 24-hour party every December 31st?
Can we celebrate the New Year by time zone (TZ),
from the International Date Line (TZ #1) to TZ #24?

Today, with all our technology, it is entirely possible.   Along the way, as the world turns, we can all visit every country of the world within 24 hours!
Such an event could become one of the largest collaboration events in history.
Help. Prepare. Participate. Host. Partner.
Get your 24-hour orientation.

  • What would happen if millions of people around the world celebrated New Year's Eve together?
  • What if the party lasted at least 24 hours -- possibly 26 hours to open-and-wrap up the event? What if we celebrated the best within each country?
  • What if every country, and every time zone had their own host to take us on a tour, a virtual event of the best of their country and then we all voted to determine the best within that time zone?
Let's visit the best restaurants in each country and get their best traditional New Year's recipe for their country. By the end of the celebration we each could have 218 new recipes (195 plus nine more regions in Russia, two more in Australia, two more in China, one more in India, one more in Mongolia, four more in Canada and the USA, and two more in Brazil).
  • Let's go to the favorite hot spot  and learn the mix for their traditional New Year's drink.
  • Then, let's go where the big action is -- to the country's favorite place to celebrate New Year's Eve. 
  • Maybe we'll open it up so the head of state can bring greetings on behalf of the country (or region). We can begin to get to know everyone, country-by-country in every time zone.
  • Each country's host would be in charge of their few minutes. Live cameras everywhere could open it up to real time views and spontaneity.
We could start and end in Kiribati, a country of islands on the International Date Line, Time Zone #1. Some of their islands are also in Time Zone #23 and Time Zone #24.  All are spread out from the equator. Now, there are many people in high places in Kiribati already on board for this celebration to begin.
  • In each time zone in the final minutes before their midnight, we can zoom into the country with the most people on line at that time. We could all quickly mix up their country's favorite New Year's drink, and then together bless their country and their people. Perhaps we can all listen as their National Anthem plays as the clock strikes midnight -- then all move into Time Zone #2.
  • By the 14th and 15th time zones we get to relax a little. We will have gone from the most populated time zone on earth, the 5th, to  the least populated which include Greenland, the Azores, and Cape Verde.
Who will be standing in the 18th hour as we finally reach New York City?

  • It is a 24-hour party that will be at least 25 hours long, maybe even 26, before we all begin our recovery programs (sleep). We will have visited every country on earth. We'll have heard at least 24 National Anthems. We will have lifted the glass and said, "Cheers" to the best of the past and our hopes for the future at least 24 times.

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