Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Help plan a 24-hour New Year's Eve Party !

We need to select a collaboration partner

Who are the players? Would any of them be willing to support a million people on an event at the same time?

Collaboration Platforms: Atlassian, Central Desktop, Cisco WebEx, IBM Lotus, Jive Software, Microsoft, MindTouch, Novell, Open Text, Socialtext, and Traction Software.   These are listed in a report by Rob Koplowitz  (August 6, 2009, The Forrester Wave™).

I would add to that list GotoMeeting by Citrix.

We actually did an episode about collaboration software back in 2001As a result I wrote up this little overview.  

In 2001, I was hoping that our sponsor, IBM, would entertain the idea of having an open collaboration event after each broadcast of the show.  We were much  too early in the adoption and development cycle!

In 2004, when IBM sold their PC Division to Lenovo, Microsoft became a sponsor of the show.  Their collaboration product, LiveMeeting, was being offered, yet the idea of a collaboration event after each broadcast -- there were at that time about 200 weekly broadcasts in the USA and about 4500 around the world -- was still just too daunting.

Now, however, in 2009, I think everything is on the table.  The possibility of pulling it off seems within reach.

So, to whom would you recommend that we turn?  Let me know!   -Bruce

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